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We know how difficult it can be to get a marketing strategy executed on – so we have uploaded this Marketing Strategy Template that makes the job a whole lot easier.

Ideal for companies large and small, the Marketing Strategy Template helps you link the initiatives between all your marketing efforts – as well as pull in all the great ideas your team may have. You can download it here.

The Marketing Strategy Template is ideal for use as:

· A worksheet for your marketing efforts – just jot down your ideas as they occur to you!

· A worksheet for a team brainstorming session – just blow it up (it’s in A3 size anyway), pin on a flip chart and add Post-It notes to capture everyone’s ideas

· A quick way to test different marketing scenarios – without having to write lengthy reports

· A complete replacement for your marketing plan (especially useful in fast-moving industries). Here’s how it works…


How to put the Marketing Strategy Template to use

We live in a world of ever-increasing complexity as this IBM survey of Fortune 500 CEOs has confirmed.

One of the problems is that just about any corporate strategy – no matter how big or small your enterprise is – is a machine of many moving parts. It’s the interconnectedness of these parts that contributes to the complexity.

That’s why you need to bin the reports and use something more visual that captures these moving parts. That’s what the Marketing Strategy Template (or Marketing Model) does. Here’s how to put it to use (more detailed instructions are contained n the template footer):

1. Begin with the end in mind – on the right hand side of the template. Identify, and describe, your customers segment by segment. (Box 1 at the footer)

2. Now work backwards as Steve Jobs advocated. Don’t get into features and benefits or other nitty gritty yet – just describe the ideal scenariobig picture, that you believe (or that the research tells you) your customer segment would like to experience (box 2). The ideal scenario must in some way depart from the real – this gives you your differentiation.

3. Now write down the key offerings you need to deliver in order to create that ideal scenario. What are you going to do differently to surpass your competitors? Or what are you going to provide that’s different in your product? (Box 3)

4. Only now write down the value propositions that are the essential ‘DNA’ of your customer experience. The Value Proposition will help you stay focussed as well as explore different offerings to meet those propositions. (Box 4)

5. What channels or channel partners do you need to use to reach your customers, or fulfil the Offerings to them? (Box 5)

6. How are you going to attract and communicate with your customer segments? Write down your marketing initiatives here (across all channels) then figure out what kind of sales you would hope to generate from those initiatives. If you have past data, you may be able to estimate your Target Adjusted Return (Box 6).

7. Lastly, what key resources will you need to deliver on everything above? This includes personnel, physical resources (like an office, outlets, dedicated servers, etc) (Box 7). This should come last so that we can be sure, in the words of Shakespeare, to ‘make virtue of necessity’.

It’s all about Customer, Complexity and Collaboration

The reason most marketing strategies fail is usually for one of three reasons:

1. The Customer needs and behaviours have not been clearly observed or defined. Or they have been defined but the Value Propositions to meet those have not been delivered.

2. We are not able to master the complexity of delivering all the above at once (OK fair excuse – that’s why you need the Marketing Strategy Template!)

3. We get both the above right but are not able to collaborate with our team or partners across all the steps in order to execute the strategy effectively.

It’s exactly because of these 3 reasons that you need to use the Marketing Strategy Template! Please let us know how you get on with it by posting a comment below – and remember to subscribe to our blog for other juicy templates here.

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